When Was The Last Time You Had Real, Hilarious Fun?

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Fun is not superficial. It is not something that only children should care about. It is not
something you should feel guilty about. In fact, fun can be used to learn, to de-stress, and to
come back to the present. No matter how much of a workaholic you are, you can be sure that
having fun is one of the most wonderful things you could ever experience, and it will never lose
its lustre even in old age.
But when was the last time you had real, hilarious fun? When was the last time you threw your
head back in laughter with your friends, not the polite kind of laughter you might do when eating
dinner with your in-laws, but the real, snorting, unattractive kind of real laughter that makes you
feel like your soul has just been massaged?

Well sure, sometimes it can be hard to remember and pinpoint this exactly. But why try to sit there remembering the last time when you could create new times? Here’s some advice for doing just that below:

Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs are unfortunately starting to lose the lustre they had in the 90’s and early
noughties. This is because many comedy clubs are starting to enforce odd laughs about what
comedians are allowed to say in the modern day. This means less and less comedians are opting for offensive or button-pushing content. Of course, that never necessarily ensures that
simply being offensive is ‘good,’ far from it. But a little danger and the willingness to be hilariously shocked at an opinion is something that we all find quite funny. But of course, this
isn’t a dying art, because it’s human nature. Head to comedy clubs in your city, but avoid the
mainstay names, and you’re likely going to get an open mic experience with professionals and
trainees anew trying to make you laugh through a range of hilarious anecdotes.
Leave the Netflix comedy specials for now, and go to see some real comedy. A great sign of beautiful and hilarious shows to witness are those developed and put on by real comedians and
not a business, such as consortium shows that travel. If one’s in town, go see it. You’ll likely see
a real, hilarious distillation of what comedy can be. Just be sure to bring a friend who is willing to
laugh along with you.

A Road Trip

A road trip be a wonderful experience if you know how to do it right. You might decide to plan your route along with the indulgences you care for, such as eating plenty of food, or
perhaps visiting a range of theatres from city to city. A road trip can help you enjoy travel, but
also give you the option of laughing your way from place to place, with a lighthearted willingness
to travel and enjoy that which is over the horizon.
Simply the experiences of driving from one place to another can be enjoyable when with a good
friend or relative, but so can pushing yourself to do things that you might not have done
otherwise. Why not separate the responsibility, such as having one person decide what to do in
the day, only to switch up roles for the following day?
This not only reduces any conflict from both people wishing to do different things in the same
day, but allows both of you to open up to new experiences. One might be interested in culture
today, the other in abseiling tomorrow. A road trip can be a hilarious, extremely fun and
completely focused endeavor, even better if someone brings a camera!
Hilarious, Awesome Purchases
Sometimes you need to return to that childhood sense of fun in order to enjoy yourself. Children
seem to have fun so easily, but then as we get older, it takes more and more time and attention
in order for our enjoyment to be reached as well. Hilarious, awesome purchases can help you in
that direction, particularly if you also decide to invite your friends around with some wine to
enjoy them. A board game night can certainly help the natural fun flow, or perhaps challenging
people to a few rounds of Mario Kart in the evening. A bluetooth hoverboard can help you enjoy
your street with hilarity in summer, or perhaps a new barbecue set can help you become the grill
king or queen as your garden furniture becomes more and more appropriate for use.

A night out

An impromptu booking of a night’s festivities, such as a beer cellar dance, or perhaps an escape
room, or perhaps an activity day at the local safari park can also work well. The best purchases
are those that are spontaneous, for you to have fun with, not particularly only to celebrate a
birthday or other event. All you need to do is keep your eyes out and ready for something that
might fulfill this hilarious function.


A good old prank is relatively harmless, but can be absolutely hilarious. Just make sure they’re
not mean-spirited, nor will interfere with the public in any way. Head to your local practical joke shop. You might be surprised as to what things you can find there, and just what silly havoc you
could have in your office or with your siblings. Just be sure that you play them appropriately,
and don’t repeat their frequency to a questionable degree, because sometimes they can get a
little tiring.

A Tasting

There’s nothing wrong with indulgence from time to time. Heading to a wine tasting learning how
to taste like a sommelier can be a hilarious time with a friend, and the same goes for craft beer
or whisky tasting if that’s more up your speed. For the non-drinkers, cheese fairs and german
markets often show themselves, and with a friend by your side, sampling these delectable
goods can both help you indulge and remain educated at the same time.
With these tips, you are absolutely sure to have real, hilarious fun, perhaps the fun you might

have been longing for.


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