Preparing For A House-Move And Everything That Comes Afterwards

Moving to a new house is simultaneously incredibly exciting and incredibly stressful. You’ve got a fresh new start ahead of you in a brand new house and a brand new location but you’ve got to deal with the pain of moving from one home to another. There are a million different variables to consider and packing is only one of them. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the entire process then this following guide might just help you prepare for a big house-move and everything that comes afterwards.

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Plan the packing process.

It’s so important to have a checklist and organizational plan for packing up your possessions. This isn’t like going on a vacation; you’re bringing absolutely everything with you. And whilst it might sound as simple as putting things in boxes, you need to avoid the trap of packing everything in a disorganized way. Think ahead to arriving at your new home. You want to be able to unpack everything as quickly as possible so that you can get settled, and you’re going to find that it’ll take far longer if you’re confused as to which boxes contain which possessions. Most importantly, you want to keep track of everything. You want to tick off items on your checklist as you pack them so that you know you’ve got everything you need. Make sure you label boxes and keep similar possessions together.

Get help where needed.

Family and friends should be more than happy to help you with this big new chapter of your life; if you’re moving with your family then they’ll definitely be a big help. You might need their help not only with the heavy lifting but in terms of deciding which things you should keep or throw out when it comes to some of your older possessions. You may not necessarily be a hoarder but most homeowners end up collecting an array of things over the years which they never really use or need. It’s only when you start to pack things up ready for moving out that you’re truly confronted with the question as to whether you should keep certain things or not.

Your loved ones can be a big help when it comes to mental support during this stressful time. Of course, when it comes to the more practical side of packing up and heading off to a new house, you’ll want to look into selecting a good moving company to help you with the process. It’s crucial that you get this part of the planning process right because you want to know that you’ve got reliable help on hand when the big day finally arrives.

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New things for the new house.

The goal is to bring as many of your old possessions as possible to fill your new home and avoid additional costs, but there will be some new purchases that you’ll have to consider. Getting new locks is always a smart idea because you really don’t know who has keys to your new home. It’s a matter of basic safety and security, really; think about changing the keys to front doors, back doors, and even the garage.

Prepare your new house.

Before you unpack all your many boxes, you should take the time to prepare your new house. You won’t get the chance to see this place entirely empty again unless you go to a lot of unnecessary effort and hassle, so you should use this time wisely. Start by cleaning and tidying every room thoroughly because there’s a chance it won’t have been left in pristine condition by the previous owners. This involves more than scrubbing floors. You’ll also want to think about repainting all the walls and ceilings in a fresh coat of white paint. It’s not just about covering cracks, smudges, or stains but also giving your brand new home that brand new feeling; fresh white walls reflect sunlight and serve to brighten your house too.

You’ll also want to get all the technical aspects of your house sorted out before you move in. You’ll want to make sure you have clean heating and cooling systems, first of all. Of course, it’s important to make sure these things are serviced before you move in too (this should be a regular occurrence after that). The last thing you want is for a boiler to let you down when you’ve barely moved into a place.

You may not yet know of the exciting challenges which await you at your brand new house, but that’s part of the fun of it. Do all the preparation you can but embrace the unknown of everything else.


A 3 Step Plan To Upgrading Your Bathroom

Making upgrades to your bathroom and turning it into something new and different is a fantastic idea. It’s common knowledge that renovations of any type can add serious value to your property. But, a bathroom renovation is right up there with one of the main things to consider. This is because there’s so much you can do to improve this room and make a huge difference to your home.

However, you need to know the right steps to follow when undertaking this idea. Bearing that in mind, here’s my guide with all the steps down below:

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Step 1: Choose The Design

Designing your new bathroom is the first step on your beautiful journey. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Firstly, you can come up with a design all by yourself from scratch. Or, you can find bathroom designs online or in stores and copy them. Regardless, you’ll still need to pick and choose all the different tile colors, sink designs, bathroom styles, etc. Everything needs to be decided before you move onto the second step which begins the renovation process. Ultimately, you should have a clear visual design of your new bathroom at the end of this stage.

Step 2: Find A Contractor

Unless you’re highly gifted in the art of DIY and have experience doing handiwork and plumbing, you’ll need some professional help. Now, if you’re wondering how to select a bathroom renovations contractor, don’t worry, it’s a fairly simple process. There are three key things to consider; experience, price, and reviews. You want to hire contractors that are experienced and have proof of previous work that they can show you. But, they need to be reasonably priced within your budget, and they must have positive reviews from other customers. Find someone that ticks all three boxes, and you’re ready to start the renovations.

Step 3: Get Out Of The Way

When you have a contractor in doing all the bathroom work, you want them to finish as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean you want them to rush the job, you just want the disruptions in your house to be over quickly. The best way to ensure a great job gets done fast is by getting out of the way. Avoid distracting the contractors as they work by making sure people in your house are out of their hair. This might mean using a neighbor’s bathroom or staying with family until the job is done. This means they can work without having to stop as someone needs the toilet or getting asked questions by your kids all the time.

If this seems extremely simple, that’s because it is! These are the three main steps you should follow to upgrade your bathroom. Start with the design, find people to make the design a reality, then give them space to get the job done in a time that suits you. Before you know it, you’ll have an upgraded bathroom that makes those early mornings more bearable!

KNOLLY NIBBLES Interactive Story App

Last month at Blogger Bash I was introduced to Knolly Nibbles. I just leaned the Interactive Story App is launching in just two days and had to share.


It’s an INTERACTIVE story of little Knolly Nibbles who is born without a tail and heart-shaped ears, Knolly wonders why she is so different and longs for her own tail,  she goes out on an imaginary adventure to find the perfect tail, before she realizes she IS special just the way she is!  Its a simple but effective“TALE of TAILS” that educates kids young and old about self acceptance!  A GREAT Message!  

Knolly Nibbles was born from the heart of her creator, Michele Goren. Out of pure love and empathy, Michele sought out a way to create a very special character for children seven years ago. She wanted every child (and the child in every adult) to know; no matter who they are, where they come from, what they look like or what they’ve been through, they are beautiful, just the way they are.

In just two days The APP will be available for you to download. This is a paid app and will cost 2.99 to download. From what I saw of this special character, it is sure to be a hit.

To be the first to know about all things Knolly Nibbles check them out on Twitter and Facebook